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Theological Studies

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The SEO course is divided into basic and advanced. The basic covers the introduction to SEO and the advanced the strategies of ranking.


Learn how to minimize ad spends using only a few tricks. Get access to hundreds of case studies which use working strategy to reduce expenditure.

Email Marketing

Learn how to build lists using create opt-in plugins and pages. Use lists to promote to millions of people and get them to convert.


The A,B,C’s of social media marketing taught with live project analysis. Work with real project data to better your strategy making skills.

App Development

Learn how to code and design UI’s of android and iOS apps. Get to know how to rank apps higher in app stores using simple coding tricks.

Mobile Optimization

Get to know why mobile optimization is necessary, how you can optimize your website and games for smartphones.

About the Courses

Our courses are a bit different from what is taught everywhere else. After extensive research and testing we formulated these courses so that a student will be able to learn them quickly and effectively.

All of the courses are a result of this and have proven to be popular among existing students.

The courses are an amalgamation of theory as well as live projects taught together in the classes unlike other places where they are taught separately.

Out interactive learning program makes it easier to understand as you get to see the applied to live projects while you are learning them.

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Firm Partners

Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell is the founder of the institute and the lead researcher in formulation of the interactive learning courses. He is a renowned digital marketer who also enjoys the occasional coding challenges.

All changes to the courses are personally approved by him before coming into effect.





Kurt Evans

Kurt Evans is a reputed professor and was professor at oxford. He jumped at the idea of creating a new learning experience for students and has been immensely helped in creating the courses.

He makes the changes to the courses after taking feedback from teachers and students.





Frederick Sublett

Frederick is new to the team but has been quite helpful in recent changes to the course. He scours the internet to find new techniques and methods which can be helpful to our students.

He personally tests the theories before they make way into the courses.





Why Businesses Need to Learn Instagram Marketing

With a user base of more than 700 million, Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media platforms. While 35% users check their account multiple times in a day, about 51% access the platform daily. 75% of Instagram’s users are located outside the US with 70% of the total spending time to look for a brand.

This massive user base and statistics no longer restricts this platform within personal use only. Numerous brands and companies have started harnessing this advantage of Instagram to market their product and services.

With over 95 million photos and videos shared every day, marketers are also integrating their advertisement through these media forms. This has led to the creation of more high quality content that target the core user needs.

Businesses that don’t take part in Instagram marketing are neglecting a crucial resource that can up their ante. Learning about the importance of marketing in this platform is of utmost significance and businesses should take part in it.

The reasons why it is thoroughly necessary for businesses to market in Instagram are:

  1. Abundant visual content

As Instagram is made of just photo and video posts, it presents more engaging content than any other. According to research visual posts have an engagement rate of 650% higher than others.

Marketers showcasing visually pleasing photos and videos to their customers keep them engaged and enable them to come back for more. This furthermore increases their brand awareness as well as helps in building more prospects.

  1. Hashtags

Originally arising from Twitter, this feature now resides with Instagram as well. Putting relevant hashtags with a content can aid in making it reach even more users and potential customers.

Hashtags work as a search query or keyword. When users search with this word in Instagram, they get all the photos and videos that contain it.

This helps in users getting to come across new posts that can also come from marketers. Making sure that these hashtags are appropriate can ensure the business reaches new users base.

Moreover, businesses also mention customized hashtags in their posts and encourage their followers to do the same. When users post content with that hashtags, they create more awareness of the brand amongst their own followers. Thus, this strategy aids in free promotion or advertising.

Also, businesses need to exercise caution while integrating hashtags to their posts. Overusing one or a banned hashtags can result in the account getting suspended.

  1. Storytelling

Storytelling is an integral part of entertainment and Instagram is all about that. People are more drawn to humour, drama, and romance than anything else as these were the part of their part of life growing up.

Those marketers that can harness the power of storytelling can use it as a prime weapon in their marketing campaign.

Using intriguing storytelling, business can emotionally connect to their users and make an impact amongst them. Rather than focusing on product or service, businesses create content that customers can relate and thereby build a relationship.

Those marketers that can successfully connect emotionally to their users have more potential to turn them into customers as well as also create new ones.

  1. Community engagement

Instagram provides a superior platform for businesses to engage with their followers. As a matter of fact, Instagram offers the highest rate of community engagement amongst all social media platforms.

Moreover, it also delivers a higher engagement rate for brands than other social networking websites.

Businesses usually follow users that talk about them and comment on their posts. Moreover, they also mention other significant users in their posts and tag them. They not only post photos and videos, but, also ensure that they connect with others. This enables both the parties to stay connected and lets the user to join as their new follower.

Engaging with their community, businesses increase their follower base and thereby reach more individuals. Of course, you could also buy instagram followers – there’s plenty of services out there, so it’s just a matter of personal preference.

  1. Insights and feedbacks

This aspect is another one that does not have anything to do with posting content. Many a time users upload photos and videos of a particular product they have bought. They mention whether the product is worth the money or a bad investment.

Posting feedback about a brand has become one of the aspects of Instagram that many individuals take part in.

Businesses that ignore these feedbacks from their users can fall prey to an ineffective marketing camping. On the other hand, those that connect to these users will contribute to successful marketing campaign.

They learn the requirements of these users and see how they perceive their brand. These insights are of prime importance for businesses and should not be ignored by them.

  1. Advertisement

Instagram allows brands to target users with effective advertisement. This makes their content reach more users which contribute in brand awareness. Instagram has specific settings in place which lets individuals see ads based on their preference or location.

It imperatively determines what the user wants to see and then showcases content relevant to them.

Businesses can target individuals based on demography like gender, age, relationship status, and more. They also learn the tastes of their follower base and create ads that can target similar individuals.

  1. Influencer marketing

A majority of the Instagram user base is made of influential people like celebrities. These individuals not only post photos and videos daily, but, also have massive amount of followers.

When businesses take on-board such an influential person to promote their product or service, it saves them the investment for a TV commercial.

Also, posting photos and videos with a brand automatically makes the influencer target all of his/her followers. Thereby, the business creates more visibility and presence amongst Instagram users and can even retain a significant number of them from the influencer.

  1. Keeping up with competitors

Instagram is a formidable inventory to keep up one’s the competitors. Businesses can take note of

  • How they engage with their followers?
  • What type of content do they post?
  • What type of advertisement do they provide?

Answering these questions can enable a business gain significant insight into their competitor.

With the above-mentioned tools, Instagram provides numerous opportunities to business to reach more customers. It thereby takes a top position in social media marketing which brands cannot ignore at all.

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Learn the Major Areas that Institutes Teach in Digital Marketing

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Learn the Major Areas that Institutes Teach in Digital Marketing

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