Menno Simons (1496-1561)

Written by Michael Vlach.

Major works

•          On the Ban

•          The Foundation of Christian Doctrine


•          Famous Anabaptist leader

•          Known as the founder of the Mennonites

          Rejected transubstantiation

•          Held that baptism should follow conversion

•          Held to doctrine of peace and nonresistance

•          Believed in separation of church and state

•          Said Jesus had heavenly flesh that was not from Mary (Melchiorite doctrine of incarnation)

•          People are not condemned for original sin

•          Did not accept Luther’s forensic doctrine of justification

•          Said New Testament took precedence over the Old Testament

•          Accepted the apocryphal books as canonical

•          Gave detailed instructions about the ban

•          Former priest

•          Strongly condemned the Munsterites

•          Died a natural death at 66 (rare for Anabaptist leaders)